Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Loving Lush

I'm just like a child in a sweet shop when it comes to shopping in lush and I can't help but buy something every time I walk past the shop. I find it so hard deciding what to get I can never choose just one thing, which means I've got quite a collection of lush stuff together now, so I thought I would share it with you.
Bath bombs
Sex bomb
Rose queen
Icicle baby bot
Think pink
I picked up quite a few bath bombs some new that I haven't tried before but also some old favourites of mine. If you have dry skin I would recommend butterball, one of my favourites, it smells good enough to eat. The bath bomb has small cocoa pieces that melt onto your skin which creates a light buttery film to help replenish and moisturise your body.

Massage bar
Soft coeur
I hadn't tried massage bars before but after picking this one up this one I cannot wait to try more. Massage bars start to melt as you warm them up so they are a great way to moisturise your skin after the bath. The soft coeur has honey and coco butter which makes it smell amazing.

Bubble bars
The comforter
Creamy candy bath
Yuzu and cocoa
You crumble a small part of the bubble bar under the tap and it makes incredible bubbles. A small part of the bar goes a long way which also means you can use it more than once. The comforter is one of my favourite products that lush sells because of the blackcurrant fragrant it gives. 
Shower scrub
Rub rub rub
The rub can be used as a gentle scrub on wet skin or on dry skin as a really good buff before you get in the shower. You can also use the rub to wash and add shine to your hair. The buff is combined with lots of lemon juice which leave your skin feeling super soft. I have been using this scrub for the past two days and I can already feel a difference.

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