Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Christmas Lush Haul

It is that time of year where the count down for Christmas begins and all the winter collections come out. Lush is one of my favourite shops to visit throughout the year but when they bring out their Christmas collection I can't help but buy something every time I'm in town. I picked up a couple of things I haven't tried before as well as some old favourites from last year’s Christmas collection so I thought I would share them with you.

Bath Bombs
Dashing Santa: He literally dashes around your bath tub, gently fizzing and turning the water an orangey red colour. In the solid form, it smells really subtle but when dissolved in the bath it releases a mix of citrus fragrances. This bath bomb contains mandarin oil, bergamot and orange flower.

Butterbear: Basically a bear-shaped Butterball, with the same vanilla-like fragrance. The smell is really warm and comforting. It doesn't make your bath an exciting colour or very bubbly, but creates a creamy soft bath that is great for nourishing and protecting your skin as it contains cocoa butter.

So white: Gives a very strong scent of apple, which is nice, fresh and uplifting for this time of year. It gives of a lot of fizz, but isn't as exciting as other bath bombs, however beneath the white is a subtle pink colour. It fills your tub with a white film that helps to moisturise your skin.

Bath Melts

The Melting Snowman: If you like spice-scented baths this little guy is for you, he also has a bit of sweetness to his scent. After a while I did get a bit sick of the smell but he is made with enriching almond oil and cocoa butter, so you're left with super soft skin.

Bubble Bars
Magic Wand: Just swirl it under running water to create huge Snow Fairy scented bubbles. The Magic Wand can be used several times which is great, as you get more for your money. It was part of the Christmas collection last year and it was one of my favourite products of all time.

Candy Mountain: This pyramid does not only look an utter delight, but with a sugary-sweet vanilla and candyfloss scent you can’t go wrong. When crumbled under the water each bubble is left glistening with pink water swirling around you. Once dissolved, a silky broth is left that fully hydrates your skin and leaves it satin-soft and cleansed.

Shower Gel
Snow Fairy: I've never tried a shower Gel in lush before but as soon as I opened the lid to this I was sold. A super sweet smelling, sparkly shower gel you can't go wrong with. I love using this when I am in the mood for a candy-sweet scent, it leaves my skin feeling well cleansed, silky smooth and smelling amazing.

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